January Focuses on Intersection Safety

Posted on Jan 7, 2014

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Fort McMurray, Alberta

January Focuses on Intersection Safety

The 2014 January Alberta Traffic Safety Initiative is on Intersection Safety. Intersections require a drivers full attention as vehicles are approaching from several directions. A driver has multiple things to focus on in order to proceed safely through an intersection. Below are a few intersection facts:

  • An uncontrolled intersection is any intersection that does not have any traffic control device such as signals or signs. When approaching an uncontrolled intersection check left and right for traffic, slow down and be prepared to stop. Always yield the right of way to the vehicle on the right.
  • An intersection where the traffic control device is not functioning properly is to be treated like an all-way stop. Vehicles are to come to a complete stop at the stop line and take turns proceeding into the intersection after yielding to traffic already in the intersection. When in doubt as to which vehicle was first, always yield to the right.
  • Directions given by a police officer overrule traffic signs or signals. Drivers are to pay close attention to directions and be alert to when they may proceed through the intersection. Failure to obey directions of a police officer could result in a fine of $172.
  • Emergency vehicles with lights and sirens activated are given the right of way when proceeding through intersection. Other vehicles are to stop and pull over to the right side to allow emergency vehicles to pass through the intersection safely. Failure to do so could result in a $172 fine.
  • Flashing red lights at an intersection act as a stop sign, vehicles must come to a stop before crossing the stop line or crosswalk. Vehicles facing flashing amber lights may proceed with caution after yielding to pedestrians and other traffic in the intersection.
  • Signal lights changing from green to yellow means slow down. Drivers proceeding through intersections on yellow lights by speeding up or engaging in other dangerous driving patterns risk facing a minimum fine of $115.
  • Although drivers are permitted to turn right on a red light in Alberta unless otherwise marked, vehicles must come to a complete stop prior to entering the intersection and may proceed only when safe to do so.
  • Vehicles should not engage an intersection if there exists the probability that they will end up impeding other traffic. Keep intersections clear so that other traffic may proceed if the signal lights change colour.
  • Pedestrians always have the right of way at an unmarked intersection or stop sign unless otherwise indicated by signage. Pedestrians also have the right of way when using marked crosswalk properly.  Failure to yield to pedestrians could result in a $575 fine.

Intersections are among the most dangerous areas of the roadway given that this is where numerous vehicles are often moving at varying speeds and in different directions. When using intersections be alert and aware to other vehicles and pedestrians.

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