Wood Buffalo and Alberta RCMP crime reduction strategies are working

Posted on Aug 8, 2018

August 3, 2018

Wood Buffalo, AB – The Wood Buffalo RCMP would like to share with residents the summary of the reports relating to Crime Severity Index (CSI) in our region. Compared to 2008, Wood Buffalo’s crime rate has gone down thanks to an RCMP crime prevention strategy and investments from the municipality. Almost every category in rural crime is down, and every category in municipal crime is down.

The Horse River Wildfire of 2016 resulted in statistics that are not reasonable to compare with as the population was not in the region for the full year. Compared to 2015, Statistics Canada’s newly release crime statistics for 2017 shows crime in the city is slightly up. However, crime in Wood Buffalo has gone down when compared to past years.

“Crime reduction is a priority for the Wood Buffalo and Alberta RCMP. A robust Crime Reduction Strategy is our targeted, intelligence-led approach to policing. This model enables us to identify repeat offenders and crime hotspots. This allows police to conduct targeted enforcement initiatives in order to reduce crime in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.” says Inspector Eric Stebenne, Acting Officer in Charge.

Population size is a factor in a community’s final CSI score. ‎For smaller communities, a jump to two major incidents‎ from one the year before can drastically impact the CSI score.

We acknowledge that Albertans are concerned with crime rates in their communities. Our intelligence-led and focused strategy allows us to proactively intervene, reducing calls for service and easing some of the pressures front line members face so that they can focus on operational duties; keeping the people in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo safe. Implemented in early 2018, Alberta RCMP’s Crime Reduction Strategy is seeing positive results in communities throughout the province in almost every category.

Wood Buffalo RCMP always encourages people to report crimes and suspicious activity to the police. The community plays a key role as well. Their tips drastically increase the chances of solving or stopping crime in progress. Please call the Wood Buffalo RCMP at 780-788-4000 to report any suspicious activity, or call your local police. You may also visit the RCMP detachment in person at 105 Paquette Drive, in the Timberlea area of Fort McMurray.

For more information on how CSI is calculated and how to interpret its findings, please refer to the following Government of Canada website: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/85-004-x/2009001/part-partie-eng.htm

Media Contact:
Corporal Teri-Ann Deobald
Wood Buffalo RCMP-GRC