Wood Buffalo RCMP alert drivers of poor road conditions

Posted on Jan 28, 2019

Jan. 28, 2019

Wood Buffalo, Alta. – Wood Buffalo RCMP would like to warn residents of poor road conditions. Weather and road conditions are constantly changing this winter season. If you must travel in the area, slow down and adjust your driving to the mixed freezing rain and snow conditions. When the temperatures drop, the rain water on the roads and walkways can freeze, posing unique challenges and safety risks for all motorists and pedestrians.

Drivers, keep the following in mind:
• Give yourself extra time to completely clear your vehicle windows, side mirrors, headlights, and tail lights, before driving.
• Slow down and drive with caution. Always leave a safe amount of distance between yourself and the vehicle you’re following, especially on the highway. That way, if you need to make an emergency stop, or your vehicle takes longer to stop due to road and weather conditions; you’ll have more time to do so.
• Listen to the radio for road and weather updates, and check road and weather conditions for your complete route, before leaving.
• Plan extra time to get to your destination, or consider delaying your trip, especially if you are uncomfortable or inexperienced with the challenging road conditions you may face. Should you choose to drive, notify a friend/family member of your anticipated arrival time.
• Be prepared as road and weather conditions may change during your travels. Pack a sleeping bag, and winter survival kit, especially if you are planning a trip outside of town.
• Intersections are a high risk area for collisions. Both drivers and pedestrians should be aware of their surroundings.

Pedestrians, keep the following in mind:
• Dress for the variable weather conditions, and be prepared so you can stay warm.
• Be aware walkways may be icy. Avoid walking along highways or on roadways where pedestrians are prohibited.
• Use cross walks when crossing the street. Never assume the driver will give you the right of way.
• Make sure to be visible to drivers at all times. Wear lightly coloured or reflective clothing at night, and brightly coloured clothing during the day.
• Phones are part of everyday life, but they distract your attention. Put your phone away when walking, or crossing. Don’t wear headphones, as your ears can tell you a lot about what is happening around you.

Winter weather conditions pose challenges and safety risks for all motorists on our roadway. We can enjoy the warmer weather we have been having, but let’s be alert and prepared for the unique challenges this weather can bring when walking or driving.

The Wood Buffalo RCMP would like to thank the residents for respectfully using the 911 service, and calling 780-788-4040 for non emergencies.

Media Contact:
Cst. Natasha Lytwenko
Wood Buffalo RCMP-GRC