Wood Buffalo RCMP: Off Highway Vehicle Use in the Municipality

Posted on Nov 21, 2018

November 21, 2018

Fort McMurray, AB – The Wood Buffalo RCMP and Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Bylaw Services want to ensure all residents are able to safely enjoy the use of Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) this season. Our region’s landscape has changed since the May 2016 fires affecting the trails within the Municipality, bringing forward the need to remind residents of the laws governing OHV use.

Within the urban service area of Fort McMurray, there are three designated off-loading areas for OHV’s: The Snye, Abasand, and Waterways. Those locations are designed to guide users onto trails away from the urban service area. The use of OHV’s in the urban service area is prohibited, which includes riding OHV’s to the designated off-loading areas.

With various Fire Smart initiatives in place, there are new areas around the perimeter of Fort McMurray (fire break) that have been cleared of brush and trees. OHV use is prohibited in these areas and violators can be fined if they are found operating off-highway vehicles where use is prohibited.

When operating OHV’s in designated areas, keep the following in mind:
• Your OHV must be registered and insured, with a licence plate visible.
• Operate at safe and reasonable speeds.
• Always wear a certified helmet and properly layer your clothing to keep warm.
• Stay on trails and in areas where operation is permitted.
• Avoid travel over unfamiliar bodies of water.
• Carry an emergency kit which should include a cell phone (and charger), food, water, and first aid supplies.
• Let someone know where you will be travelling to, and when you plan to return home.
• Ensure you are familiar with the OHV you ride, and keep it properly maintained.
• Be cautious of ice thickness when crossing frozen bodies of water. If you are crossing a body of water, please wear a floatation device over your outer clothing.

If you are found operating an OHV while impaired by drug or alcohol, you can be charged under the Criminal Code.

For more information regarding safe OHV you can visit http://altasnowmobile.ab.ca/. OHV trails are maintained by the Sno Drifters and a trail pass is required for use. For more information visit http://www.snodrifters.ca/.

For further information or if you have any complaints of OHV use, contact Wood Buffalo RCMP at (780) 788-4000, or RMWB Bylaw Services at (780) 762-5858 or rmwb.ca/OHV.

Stay safe and enjoy this riding season!

Media Contact:
Constable Mélanie Cappiello-Stébenne
Wood Buffalo RCMP-GRC
(780) 742-8821