Wood Buffalo RCMP are painting and hiding “Fort Mac Rocks”

Posted on Aug 30, 2018

August 30, 2018

Wood Buffalo, AB: Wood Buffalo RCMP would like to share with the public a fun community project you can participate in. It’s called “Fort Mac Rocks” which was started in Fort McMurray by a local resident. The concept quickly grew and many residents are enjoying and participating in it. RCMP municipal employees and police officers are bringing out their creative side to paint rocks for children and youth in communities in Wood Buffalo! We would like to reach out to the rural communities and invite them to participate. The RCMP “Fort Mac Rocks” rocks will be randomly hidden in parks and school play grounds in Fort McMurray, Fort McKay, Saprae Creek, Gregoire Lake Reserve, Gregoire Lake Estates, Anzac, Chard, Janvier, and Conklin. The rocks are small and can be picked up and held with ease.

Each RCMP painted rock hidden in Fort McMurray will have a message on it instructing the finder to bring it to the RCMP detachment, located at 105 Paquette Drive in Timberlea. There they will meet an officer and receive a gift bag.

The RCMP painted rocks hidden in rural communities will have a message on it instructing the finder to call the detachment at 780-788-4040 and advise they are the finder of a “Fort Mac Rocks” rock. They are to keep the rock and the RCMP will arrange for a police officer to meet with them in their home community and they will receive a gift bag.

If the child wishes, a picture will be taken with the painted rock they found, an RCMP officer, and their gift bag. Each parent who wishes to have their child’s picture posted on the fortmacrocks facebook page will be required to sign a form giving us permission to post the photo.

If you would like to participate in this program, you are encouraged to go out to the local parks and school play grounds and have fun trying to find a painted “Fort Mac Rocks” rock. Enjoy the adventures and the outdoor parks we have in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Media Contact:
Corporal Teri-Ann Deobald
Wood Buffalo RCMP-GRC